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a sideblog dedicated to the manga and anime series, Haikyuu!! (ハイキュー!!) by Furudate Haruichio (古舘春一). Various other anime/manga series will be seen as well

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Haikyuu!! AU - Ukatake as Teachers AU

Takeda Ittetsu, just after he had met his new co-worker, had developed the biggest crush on Ukai Keishin, the recently hired phys-ed teacher and volleyball coach of Karasuno. Though the first few weeks found Takeda-sensei with a constant blush on his face and a lack of coordination around the blonde haired man, both he and Ukai-sensei found themselves becoming closer to one another as they took care of the unruly group that was the volleyball team. After several weeks of gathering enough of his courage, Takeda finally asks Ukai out when he’s working a shift at his Mother’s store (he works there occasionally to help lighten her load). It’s to Takeda’s utmost surprise when rather than being rejected by the man, a simple “Okay” was heard as Ukai’s answer to his confession. They spend their first date holding hands to keep warm against the chill of the upcoming fall, sharing a warm meal with one another and a cup of soju by their side as they talk to the other for what feels like the whole night

Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga Florist AU

Sawamura Daichi’s first visit to the “Karasuno Flower Shop” ended with him leaving the store with a beautiful flower arrangement for his mother and a massive crush on Sugawara Koushi, the store’s owner and primary florist. Ever since their first meeting, Daichi has found himself going to the quaint little flower shop on a regular basis, buying flowers left and right until his home is overflowing with plant life. It isn’t until he goes home with a bouquet of purple lilacs that Sugawara had given to him free of charge that he notices the small card with a note attached to it. A phone number and a simple “Call me” are enough for him to go back to the flower shop and ask the beautiful florist working there for an arrangement that would be perfect for a first date

Haikyuu!! AU - Roaring Twenties AU

For 10thestrongestdecoy who indulged me when I was in an AU making mood and gave me the means to make this edit

The infamous Crow’s Nest was once a popular and successful sqeakeasy before its owner had retired and management fell into the hands of Takeda Ittetsu. Although only a handful of workers were left behind (the Karasuno second and third years), Takeda was determined to keep it afloat. It isn’t until they somehow recruit Hinata, who plays the trumpet and is able to create the most elaborate jazz improv riffs with lungs like you wouldn’t believe, and Kageyama, the talented genius band conductor/pianist who can make even the simplest of tune sound glorious, that the possibility of flying to the top once more doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!  Day Twenty One: Crossover of 
your choice
↪ Haikyuu x Yowamushi Pedal

30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!  Day Twenty: Alternate universe
of your choice
↪ Hinata as a blonde to match the sunshine inside of him

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Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga as hospital patients

On the summer before his first year into high school, Sawamura Daichi injures himself and as a result, has to recover at the hospital for a few days. Daichi, who had been looking forward to his summer, was not at all happy at the prospect of being stuck inside all day. That is, until he befriends Sugawara Koushi, the patient next door. They become fast friends and the long days that Daichi had initially been worried about, go by quickly. However, the day of Daichi’s discharge comes before too long, and he promises to Suga that he’ll definitely come visit him tomorrow. The next day, rather than a bright smile to greet him, Daichi is met with an empty room. The nurses, who had kept quiet at Sugawara’s request, confess that Suga’s condition had been steadily becoming worse and that he had been moved to another hospital to undergo surgery. Daichi, distraught at the truth, was left with nothing but worry and fear for the boy he had befriended the summer before high school

Haikyuu!! AU - Naruto Crossover - Nekoma Ver.

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Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma are childhood friends who were both chosen to be a part of the Anbu

Haikyuu!! AU - Guardian Angel 

An alternate universe where Nishinoya is Asahi’s Guardian Angel sent to Earth in order to complete his first ever field mission. Although his task was simple enough, complications arise when he can’t seem to leave Asahi when his mission is done

Haikyuu!! AU - Reincarnations

For citrusfluegel to make up for that crappy day of hers. Thank you for the mutual AU making sessions that provided the inspiration for this edit! 

Kageyama Tobio and Hinata Shouyou have met thousands of versions of each other throughout history. In each new reincarnation, their meeting brings with them a sudden rush of memories, full of the friendships, love, happiness, wars, and deaths they have gone through together. Their last reincarnation was in the Middle Ages where Kageyama was a King ruling over many and Hinata was his most trusted knight. Centuries later, they meet again on a court much different from their past life, ready to take on this new one with each other. 

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Haikyuu!! AU 

Come and get lost with us by boxofwonder (citrusfluegel)

Kageyama is a thief, betrayed after his last raid, and left to die alone in the forest.
Hinata is the one to find him, determined to save his life and nurse him back to health.
In a forest that is growing more dangerous by the day, tension is running high, and neither of them can anticipate the impact they’ll have on each others life.

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